men’s cologne reviews

Galimard 1747 Review

most unique fragrance for men review of 1747 Galimard CologneHow the French perfumery, Galimard, has been able to fly under the radar for over 250 years, I have no idea. However, if you are a fragrance aficionado then surely you have heard of Grasse, France, the birthplace of fragrance. Established in 1747, Galimard is a family owned perfume house that develops some of the most incredible and unique fragrances on the planet.

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Cologne Review: Francis Kurkdjian

francis kurkdjian men's cologneFor my first cologne review I have chosen to highlight Francis Kurkdjian, whom many consider to be one of the most exciting and gifted perfumers in the world today. However, unless you routinely shop in Paris or at stores like Neiman Marcus, you probably have not heard of him, which is tragic because

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