How to Apply Cologne

Most men make one of two mistakes when applying cologne, either using too much or too little. but how does one apply just the right amount?

I like to work out every day because it helps me focus and de-stress before heading off to work in the city, where I’m a derivatives trader. So after an early monrning coffee followed by a tough kettlebell worout (shout out to Vulcan), I hit the showers to cool down.

So like most men, my favorite time to apply cologne in the morning is directly after I shave and dry off from my morning shower.

Why add cologne right after a shower and not after getting dressed and having breakfast?

That is the time of the day when your skin is clean, unobstructed by clothing, and feeling fresh. You are as clean as you will ever be throughout the day, so this is the optimal time to grab your favorite bottle of fragrance.

One spray on the upper torso between the neck and halfway down the sternum will hit the areas will give that gives the best projection throughout the day.

Why you shouldn’t apply cologne after you get dressed:

This is a personal thing, but I prefer not to spray directly onto clothing only, because it mixes with the smell of the detergent and tends to be absorbed, decreasing silage.

That said, if the cologne is not particularly strong [e.g. wood, leather, tobacco notes], on the rare occasion that I forget to spritz right after my shower, I will spray into the air about 2 feet ahead of me after I am dressed and walk through the mist.

If, however, I am not using a spray bottle, then I will dab it onto one finger and apply it behind each ear, and dab again and apply down the front of my neck, right where the jugular veins lie.

This is a pretty simple strategy, but if you stick to it will keep you from making the mistake of the novice who douses themselves in five or six full sprays, repulsing people for a city block for the rest of the day.

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