men’s fragrance 101

How to Match Cologne to Your Skin Type

cologne for men with oily skinDo you have oily or dry skin? Did you know that your very skin type is a major factor in which cologne is right for you? Many men simply misunderstand that certain colognes are meant for a particular skin type.

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Fragrance Notes – Creating a Harmonious Scent

top notes in cologneJust as there are multiple tasting descriptors for fine wine, so fine colognes have fragrance notes that are carefully blended to create a complex, harmonious scent that gradually unfolds over time.

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A Brief History of Men’s Cologne – Discover the History of Men’s Fragrances

origin of men's fragrance

Across the globe, men of all ages, religions and nationalities engage in a silent rite of passage by splashing, spritzing and dabbing cologne on their neck. Where did this slightly peculiar history of cologne use originate?

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Men’s Fragrance 101: Understanding Notes and Families

difference between eau de cologne and eau de ToiletteFor most people, fragrance is a mysterious realm that operates on a nearly subconscious level. Even if you find a men’s fragrance you love, you probably have no idea what scents were combined to create the cologne or aftershave. So how exactly is a fragrance created?

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