Galimard 1747 Review

most unique fragrance for men review of 1747 Galimard CologneHow the French perfumery, Galimard, has been able to fly under the radar for over 250 years, I have no idea. However, if you are a fragrance aficionado then surely you have heard of Grasse, France, the birthplace of fragrance. Established in 1747, Galimard is a family owned perfume house that develops some of the most incredible and unique fragrances on the planet.

Today I wish to review 1747, one of their signature fragrances for men. This aromatic scent opens with top notes of lemon, lavender, and bergamot, which then give way to fresh, woodsy cedar and sandalwood notes. As it dries down and blends with the skin, 1747 projects a clean, masculine bouquet composed of moss, musk and the ocean.


While difficult to describe this complex array of scents that Galimard has so masterfully put together, it is the sort of thing that you can imagine catching a whiff of as you walk around the 16th Arrondissement of Paris. If you do not know what that means, then this fragrance is probably not meant for you. it is stately, classic, and ever so slightly aristocratic. While it is unquestionably ‘old-school’ masculine, 1747’s soft, floral notes allow the wearer to live confidently as an egalitarian without a hint of irony.

prices start at around €22 for 100 mL/3.3 fluid ounces, but if you find 1747 to be your signature scent, you can go all in for the one leader/33.3 fluid ounce refillable aluminum bottle for just €66… Quite a deal for fragrance that will set you apart no matter what company you keep.

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