How Big Can Goldfish Get?

How Big Can Goldfish Get

When it comes to how big goldfish can get, they can get as large as 12 inches! Fantails and Comets grow to about eight inches, while Veiltails have a longer, flowing tail. Both can live for almost fourteen years, but the fantail is the most common species. Learn the facts about each type, including their size and lifespan. Here are some tips to keep your goldfish happy and healthy!

Growing up, I always thought goldfish were the same size as me, stuck in a bowl and I wondered why they never swam away. But, according to USATODAY there are actually fish bigger than 16 in (40.5 cm) in the wild — up to 19 in (48 cm). A deep sea variety of goldfish called the ocean sunfish is even bigger than those. How big can a goldfish get? One that grows at sea can end up weighing nearly 600 pounds.

How Big Can Goldfish Get
How Big Can Goldfish Get

Comet goldfish grow up to 12 inches

This beautiful species can grow to twelve inches in length. It is a hardy cold water fish that does best in a temperature range of 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit. However, Comet goldfish will tolerate temperature drops as low as 10 degrees F, so a ten-gallon tank is suitable for this species. If you are keeping your fish in an extremely cold climate, you should use a heater to maintain the temperature.

Fantails grow up to 8 inches

Fantail goldfish are among the most popular types of fancy goldfish, and they come in three distinct varieties: male, female, and the most common variety, the fawn. The fan tail is an iconic feature of these fish. The fan tail is a triangle-shaped fin that curves downward to give the fish its name. The female fantail goldfish can grow up to 18 inches, and the male fantail can reach a length of 10 inches. These fish can live as long as 30 years in their native China. They are silvery and black in color, which make them a great camouflage choice.

Veiltails have longer fins and flowing tails

The veiltail goldfish are not a type of Fantail goldfish, but are considered a distinct breed of goldfish. Despite their humped backs and flowing tails, they do not have the characteristic body shape of Fantail goldfish. Unlike Fantails, veiltails were first introduced to the US during the late 1800s. As a result, they were given the name Philadelphia Veiltail.

Fantails live up to almost 14 years

Fantail goldfish are known for their egg-shaped bodies and elaborate fin structures. These fish have been around since the 1400s and have become one of the most popular goldfish types. Commercially grown, they are considered an ideal first pet for many. They can live up to almost 14 years! You can get them in a wide variety of colors, but red, yellow, and orange varieties are more common. Their digestive system is sensitive, so you must be sure to provide them with high-quality food to maintain their health and longevity.

Average goldfish grows up to 8 inches

When kept in an optimal environment, goldfish can grow to impressive lengths. While their growth rate is dependent largely on their genetics, many factors can also affect their size, including temperature. For example, if you keep your goldfish in water with high ammonia or low

oxygen levels, their growth will be stunted. This can be a long-term problem for your goldfish. To avoid this, try reducing the amount of food that you give them and keep their tank temperature in the mid-70s Fahrenheit range.

Comet goldfish grow up to 12 inches

Average goldfish lives up to 40 years

As a pet, goldfish are quite durable and need a clean environment to live in. A goldfish tank with an automatic filter is ideal, but you should also wash it at least once every two weeks. If you have the space and the time, an outdoor pond is another option. Even an outdoor pond will require frequent maintenance, but it will be much easier on your goldfish. It can last as long as 40 years if properly maintained.

So how big can a goldfish grow? Not quite as big as some think, but the real question is: do you actually care? Like many other domesticated animals, these fish have taken on specific characteristics suited for their domestic environment. For example, dogs have been bred to be much larger than their wild counterparts. The same goes with just about any animal we keep as pets. Goldfish aren’t unique in this manner. Their tiny size compared to their wild cousins is simply an adaptation to the size of their aquarium. In an aquarium, they can live long healthy lives and thrive just fine being one-fourth the size of a full-sized adult fish.

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