How to Remove Old Grease Stains From Clothes

How to Remove Old Grease Stains From Clothes

If you are wondering how to remove old grease stains from clothes, you will be happy to know that you don’t need to resort to chemical solutions. All you need is a few household items, such as baking soda, liquid glycerin, Baby powder, and dish soap. Depending on the size of the grease stain, you can even use the same ingredients as the detergent you used to wash the garment.

There is something about your wardrobe that seems to come under attack from oil stains, whether it’s from food or from bike rides. While you certainly don’t want to throw out all of your clothes just because of a grease stain, you are at least looking for a way to remove old grease stains from clothes. The faster you treat a grease stain the easier it is to get out. There are methods to remove old grease stains from clothes, even after they dry. Treating greasy food spills, splatters of cooking grease, ointment smears and even things like bike grease is very similar to treating oil stains.

How to Remove Old Grease Stains From Clothes
How to Remove Old Grease Stains From Clothes

Baking soda

Dish soap and baking soda both have great grease-cutting and lifting properties. They can be applied separately or together. For smaller stains, try mixing the two together and rubbing the baking soda into the stain. You can then toss the garment into the washing machine. This method is not ideal for heavy grease stains, but can work for smaller ones. If you don’t have any dish soap or baking soda handy, you can use it as a pre-wash treatment.

Liquid glycerin

Glycerin is a naturally occurring solvent that is derived from animal and vegetable fats. It is a non-toxic and sweet-tasting ingredient that can be used in many household cleaning recipes. It can be applied to clothing to remove grease and staining. It is safe for use on clothes and is a common ingredient in beauty products. Here are some common uses for glycerin.

Baby powder

There are several ways to remove old grease stains from clothing, including applying baby powder to the stain. This absorbent powder works like baby powder in soaking up the stains. You can then wash your clothing as normal, and the excess baby powder should come out. Once the stain is gone, you can air dry your clothing to prevent it from reappearing. Alternatively, you can use dishwashing detergent to remove the stain completely.

Liquid dish soap

There are many ways to get rid of oil and grease stains from clothes. Some stains may be impossible to remove altogether, such as those caused by cooking oil or grease. However, grease and other types of stains can usually be removed with washing detergent and soap. The key is to take action quickly. Follow the instructions below to get rid of old grease stains from clothes. Here’s a simple method:

How to Remove Old Grease Stains From Clothes
Liquid glycerin


If you have a stubborn grease stain on your clothes, vinegar can be a great solution. The acidity in vinegar cuts through the grease and removes the smell. To make the solution, mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Place the stained garment in the solution, let it sit for 30-

60 minutes, and then wash as usual. Repeat the process if necessary, but make sure to rinse the garment thoroughly afterwards.

Greasy stains will always be a sign of laziness or carelessness on your part. Some are caused by errors you can’t avoid, such as grease or cooking spray splatters. These stains will inevitably ruin your shirt, making them difficult and/or expensive to remove. The best way to prevent these types of stains is to wear an extra protective piece of clothing, like apron. Always keep your stained clothes in a plastic bag or covered container to prevent staining other items. There are also a few ways to remove old grease stains from clothes that have already dried in place. An important thing to remember is to use only warm water and minimal soap when attempting to remove grease stains from old clothes.

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