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Travel Restrictions in Poland

Before you travel to Poland, you need to know whether there are any travel restrictions. You can easily check whether the country has any travel restrictions by visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. The main restrictions are listed below: COVID-19 quarantine and health-related inquiries. You should also be aware of the rules for foreigners carrying out transport operations through the country.

COVID-19 travel restrictions

Travel restrictions in Poland due to COVID-19 virus have been implemented. This disease can cause serious illness and could cause significant delays in immigration and travel. Currently, all people entering Poland from outside the Schengen Area must be quarantined for 10 days. However, this period can be reduced if a negative Coronavirus test result is obtained within seven days of arrival. Moreover, quarantine requirements do not apply to people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 virus. The vaccine must have been approved by the European Medicines Agency.

COVID-19 health-related inquiries in Poland

The Polish government has set up a national informational hotline to address concerns about COVID- 19 and its effects on travelers. Callers should dial 6 for an English-speaking operator. The number also offers information on designated hospitals and quarantine facilities. If you’ve been diagnosed with COVID, you can contact the hotline to find out where to quarantine yourself and how to gain admission.

Travel Restrictions in Poland

COVID-19 quarantine in Poland

Poland is planning to ease its COVID-19 quarantine by shortening it to seven days from 15 days, and will lift other restrictions for visitors to the country. The restrictions will apply to people who come into contact with an infected person, but other European countries have already lifted their own restrictions.

Foreigners carrying out transport operations through Poland

There are no restrictions for foreigners who carry out transport operations through Poland. However, they must complete a 10- day quarantine period. Additionally, adults need to complete separate education programmes before being allowed to work in the country.

Pickpocketing on trains

Travelers should take precautions against pickpocketing on trains in Poland. Polish law requires travelers to carry identification, such as a passport and a residence permit card. However, tourists should be cautious as some shady characters have made their way into the country. Some of these individuals are known to pose as

helpful locals, guiding them to seats and demanding payment after the service.

COVID-19 health-related inquiries in Canada

The Government of Canada is working hard to address COVID-19 pandemic concerns and has established a webpage for the pandemic to provide the latest information and resources. HSPR is an interdisciplinary field and is critical to generating evidence to inform health policy.

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